Save the Raptors

Support us, Support the project

We believe that the preservation of the miracle of life, the largest wealth on planet Earth, is in the hands of our generation. Let's preserve it for ourselves and for the generations coming after us!

Everyone can help. Support by volunteer work, by donation or even only moral support - membership in the BSPB, participation in our events, becoming friends in Facebook, is invaluable for us.

How can you help personally?

• By becoming a volunteer involved in various initiatives - guarding of Imperial eagle nests, monitoring of Saker falcon nest boxes and establishing of their occupation, participation in education activities, making presentations in schools.
• By making a donation for activities related to BSPB projects or for other BSPB activities.
• By becoming a BSPB member and thus supporting the conservation of nature in Bulgaria.
• By cooperating to inform the local communities - farmers, hunters, institutions, businessmen - about the benefits from the Project, about the new agro-environmental measures, about the threats and human disturbance.
• By holding a strong citizen position and helping for nature protection according to your personal capabilities and views.

How can you help as a company or organisation?

• By becoming a corporate member of the BSPB
• By making a targeted donation for nature conservation - protection of a species or of a site
• By becoming involved as volunteers - you personally and your staff - in suitable project activities.
• By providing support by financing, ideas, resources or otherwise for BSPB projects and efforts.

How can you contact us?

Send us an e-mail with your contact information and with ideas about supporting us.
If you wish to be our volunteer, fill out a form and send it here.