Save the Raptors

Activities, Communications and events

We are implementing an integrated communication strategy within the project, involving working with the media, events, distribution of printed materials, maintenance of a web site, and profiles in social networks, placing of information boards in key areas in Bulgaria, and use of non-typical communications tools.

The objectives of the project communications activities are:

• Informing of the public about the Project goals and objectives;
• Attraction of supporters for conservation of the two globally endangered bird species and the areas important for them within the Natura 2000 network in Bulgaria;
• Familiarization of key local groups - famers, hunters, students - with the benefits from the conservation of these two species, of the protected areas, and of the new agro-environmental measures.

National TVs have shown more than 20 reportages, short films and investigation reports of our work to preserve the Imperial eagle and the Saker falcon. Scores of radio interviews and reports on topical issues have been broadcasted, with more than 100 printed publications made, among which are large articles in international media such as National Geographic, BBS Knowledge, NG Kids and many others, and more than 400 on-line publications about the work of the Project. See the most interesting ones here.

A TV spot about Imperial eagle conservation was shown in the summer of 2010 in partnership with Bulgaria's most watched TV station, bTV, pro bono for one month, in prime time. This allowed millions of Bulgarians to learn about the difficult destiny of the globally endangered Imperial eagle.

Several media events and training sessions have been organised. In the end of 2010, we initiated and created The Fate of the Imperial Eagle Photo Exhibition, which we presented for the first time in the centre of Sofia, in the Sofia University subway station. After this, the exhibition went around to the National Museum of Natural History and to key education and public institutions in nearly 20 towns in Bulgaria. The openings being received by the local communities as important small events. The photo exhibition talks in photographs about the dangers for the Imperial eagle's survival and the activities within the conservation project.

In the summer of 2012 the BSPB and the Imperial eagle and Saker falcon conservation project created the first graffiti for a cause in Bulgaria together with the famous ‘140 ideas’ graffiti artists. The 25 m high mural with Imperial eagles adorns the facade of the St. Kliment Ohridski 32 Secondary Education School in Sofia as a permanent sign for the conservation of this globally endangered species. A film of the making of the graffiti was released in the social networks.

Photo: Simona Boneva

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the LIFE Program in May 2012, we organised an original event in the Sofia University of Kliment Ohritdski. The project team, together with volunteers and with the famous singer Orlin Pavlov, constructed a full-scale Imperial eagle nest and left it for a month in the yard of the Sofia University next to an information banner. This was our unusual attempt at bringing young Bulgarians closer to the world of the Imperial eagle and to attract their attention to nature conservation. The event was followed by a presentation about the modern nature conservation practices and about the EU LIFE Program. Later on, the nest was placed in the Sakar Mountain in the hope that it will be taken by a new pair of Imperial eagles.

We created a film on the occasion of 20th anniversary of the EU’s LIFE Programme presenting the vision of 20 young people at 20 about the nature conservation in Bulgaria. 

A number of printed materials such as leaflets, posters, stickers, T shirts, framers' guidebooks etc. have been made by the Project.

25 information boards have been placed in key areas by the Project. They inform the local people and the tourists about the two globally endangered species and about the goals of the Project.