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Two Imperial eagles were found dead

The dead eagles were found within half an hour in the region of Sliven at the detour of a priority for isolating electrical lines. One of the birds, a two years old eagle, probably died after a collision with wires of a 110 kV power line, which is owned and operated by ESO and is adjacent to the 20 kV line of EVN. This is one of the few established cases of killed Imperial eagles in a collision with overhead wires. The second eagle was found a kilometer away from the first pillar under the 20 kV power line - concrete, with standing insulators, and probably died of electrocution - a common cause of death of the Imperial eagles and other birds.


It turns out that in the research area have been found dead four birds.


A meeting between BSPB and EVN Bulgaria Electricity will be held soon and activities for the installation of protective insulation for securing the 20 kV power line in the region of Sliven are planned.


Activities by securing the distribution network continued in 2017 with replacing 30 km conventional overhead lines in the Municipalities of Elhovo and Topolovgrad with completely insulated (PAS system).


In order to protect the population of the globally threatened Imperial Eagle and reducing deaths caused by contact with the electricity network, "EVN Bulgaria Elektrorazpredelenie” in partnership with BSPB implement the project "Life for Safe Grid", funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union.

Two Imperial eagles were found dead
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